Application Benefits

Enterprise Resource Planning and Automation: This is the basic infrastructure requirement of any company to go from a paper based record keeping to fully automated Enterprise functions. We enable companies attain full automation through deployment of SAP R/3 or internet based MySAP. We provide Accelerated implementation of both. This means proven implementation methodology, shorter implementation time, rapid deployment and user training. SAP R/3 will automate every Enterprise infrastructure function like Financial Accounting & Reporting ( including sub functions like costing, controlling, profit center, Investment Management etc), Human Resources, Materials Management, Production Planning, Sales & Distribution, Business Information Warehouse etc.

SAP R/3 Features and Benefits:

Flexible -SAP R/3 increases flexibility enabling an enterprise to respond quickly to change

Comprehensive - SAP R/3 will benefit companies of all sizes and industries

Open - SAP R/3 will run on the hardware platforms of leading international vendors and will mesh smoothly with in-house applications. R/3 will also allow inter-operability with third party solutions and services.

Integrated - The R/3 application modules are seamlessly integrated into a workflow of business events and processes. R/3 will also link business processes between suppliers and customers to form complete logistical chains covering supply to delivery.

Best Business Practices - SAP R/3 will integrate all business operations in an overall system for planning, controlling and monitoring. There are1000+ ready - made business processes which include best business practices of leading companies in a variety of industries.

New Technologies - SAP is continually developing the software to incorporate cutting-edge technologies that result in practical customer benefits. R/3 is directly linked to the internet for marketing and communications, procurement, customer service and order processing in a comprehensive e-commerce environment.

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