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As companies start embracing the web to derive operational efficiencies rather than use the web only for communication purpose, Companies will sooner or later need to put more and more of their data and content on the web to be accessible to Suppliers, Partners, Employees and Customers. Besides, a company can not afford to deprive itself of the Cost savings enabled by the internet and as such, a Company will use the internet for everything from Customer Relationship Management to Back Office operations, from Sales and Marketing to Supply Chain etc. All these changes will bring into focus, the multiple locations and multiple databases, multiple content management for multiple media sources like for the web. for hand-held, for wireless etc.; a company might be maintaining for essentially, the same information which is being stored in one source to be delivered to one source. This approach is not cost and operation effective and efficient. WHY? Because having multiple sources of information in multiple databases is itself counterproductive and the company is unnecessarily paying multiple times over to store the information and then to display to each media type.

Benefits of Content Management:

  • Cost efficiency lies in using one source of information to deliver to multiple sources like Print, Web, Cd-Rom,
  •     Broadband etc.
  • Essential to deliver the accurate and timely information for decision making.
  • Will reduce redundancy of data and obsolete information from being used by anyone in or outside the             
  •     company.
  • Enable sharing of accurate and updated information, data and knowledge across the enterprise with
  •     Employees through
  •    Intranet and with Suppliers, Partners and affiliates through the extranet.
  • Will enable a corporation to manage documents, information and knowledge and make them available to
  •     whosoever needs within the corporation to make critical business decision.
  • Enable organization to integrate content management with Business processes and Applications.
  • Enable organizations to reduce process time and time to market.
  • What Cybergurus does:

Cybergurus primarily develops comprehensive solution to create, capture and deliver the content. We use certain off the shelf products like Open Market, Interwoven, Artesia etc. and also write custom code to meet the individual requirements of the corporation. Our expertise includes:

  • Designing workflow to capture content
  • Designing database for holding different kinds of Content i.e. pictures, audio, video etc.
  • Providing fast implementation of Content management package, XML tagging of content for various media
  •     delivery outlets like the Web, wireless etc. Writing custome code to meet the rquirements, if necessary.
  • For more information, please call us at 800 490 5942 or e.mail us at


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