Project Outsourcing

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The success and failure of the Project depends upon the Project Manager. We are proud to have Project Mangers in our Team who have decades of Experience in delivering multi-million dollar projects for numerous Corporations globally. We have significant expertise in delivering ERP projects especially SAP and My SAP, CRM projects especially Siebel, e-Commerce projects, Data Warehousing and Database Management projects under very strict time frames. The expertise of our Project Management Team in technical areas and our off shore Software Development Center has been of particular importance to deliver the Projects on schedule.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe in undertaking a Project and delivering the Project on fixed Time and Cost basis. We don't think that a Company that ask the Client company to "pay as you go" without adherence to time limits, does justice either to the Project or the Client. Our strength is Fast, efficient and error free implementation of the Project to enable the client organization to get faster ROI and Time to Market.


  • CRM Projects - Siebel, e-piphany, Talisma
  • ERP Projects - SAP, Peoplesoft
  • - Custom Solution, My SAP, Siebel, Microsoft .Net, Broadvision, Web Methods, Web Logic etc.
  • Data Warehousing - SAP Business Warehouse,
  • Database Mgmt. - Oracle, MS SQL
  • System Integration - Tibco, Net Fish
  • Procurement Automation - My SAP Procurement, Softsquad
  • Content Management - Interwoven, Documentum
  • Supply Chain - My Sap, People soft, Manugistics, I2

Projects by Technology used: Sometimes, the off the shelf solution does not either meet the requirements of the company or requires a lot of coding in Java, C++, XML, Oracle etc. to make it work. For such a scenario, we offer the following expertise and options :

Client Server Technologies : VisualC++, Visual Basic, Developer 2000, Oracle, Com/ Active X, Corba,Crystal Reports, etc.

Web Technologies : Java, XML, Java Beans, JDK, EJB, ASP, Web Logic

Systems Expertise : Trading Systems, B2B exchanges & Marketplaces, Systems Integration, Portals, ERP, CRM, Procurement and Supply Chain. Real Time Systems,Embedded                                                Systems, Telecom Systems, E-Commerce Infrastructure and Application, Storage and Data Warehousing.

Client/On-Site Implementation: The aforesaid Projects can be implemented on Client's site with our Project Management and Implementation team. In the initial phase of the project which include regular interaction with the Client's Project stakeholders, technical team and end users, we need our project Management and Implementation tem to be on Client's site. Once requirements are determined and the Project is broken into time deliverable chunks, the Project can be done at our Rapid Deployment Centers. Otherwise, Unless absolutely necessary, we recommend our Clients to use Rapid Deployment Centers located at or near major metropolitan areas. On Site implementation adds miscellaneous costs to the Project like Project & Implementation team's travelling, lodging, per diem etc. Secondly, our methodology to conduct thorough analysis after each deliverable with the end users and Project Stakeholders, enable us to keep the Project on track and deliver as scheduled.

Rapid Deployment Center: They are meant to do what they say, Rapid Application Deployment. Your application is developed, rigorously tested and then deployed at you site. There is regular interaction with the Project Stakeholders and the technical team. Our team delivers the results in the short time frames in which the Project is divided, presents to the Client's technical team and end users, takes the feedback, incorporates any changes, if necessary and then go over to the next phase. The Project Development and Delivery cycle goes on until the project is completed and deployed at the Client site.

Off Shore Software Development Center: Cybergurus has established offshore Software development centers in New Delhi and Jaipur, India to facilitate faster development of software, faster time to market and to pass on the low cost of developing Software in India to our Clients. We can design and develop the software in the above mentioned technologies with very fast turnaround and low cost.

If you want to discuss your Project needs, Please call us at 2866-462-4878 or e.mail


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