SECURITY: Securing your Company's information from getting into the hands of competitors and other elements that can potentially harm or compromise your business interests is essential and no longer a choice. A company is faced with the hard choice presented by today's open and competitive business environments, on the one hand the company wants to share information with Parteners, Suppliers and Employees to increase efficiciency and speed of business and on the other hand, a company can not afford to have the same information in the hands of unscroplous elements. But unless a company has invested in making their Systems secure, the company's networks, application, Application Servers, Transaction Servers and Valuable information are a few clicks away from any Hacker to break into. To think that it can not happen or the current e.commerce infrastructure provides the necessary road blocks to potential system secuirty breaches is like driving without insurance.

Cybergurus provide comprehensive Security solutions which include the following:

VPNGateway:              Secures remote access, Site-to-Site access. Extranet VPNs.

Firewall for Clients:      Personal Client firewall enables remote and mobile users to securely access corporate resources

Enterprise Security:      Provides robust access control, content security, authentication, centralized management and other capabilities.

Appl. Server Security: Provides full firewall protection for individual application service. Protects sensitive servers against attacks or unauthorized access, Enables end-to-end VPNs for                                        critical applications.

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